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Visual Effects

Visual effects (VFX) are everywhere, from the biggest summer blockbusters, to quiet indie features, to commercials intended for the web. They allow filmmakers to create believable other-worldly creatures, or to create effects so subtle, we never register that we’re being deceived.


Learn real-world VFX techniques by tackling these project-based tutorials.

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    VFX with C4D: Tank Crash

    Join Joe Herman as he creates a fun shot of a tank crashing through a concrete wall on a New York City street.

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    Motion Tracking: Adding Text to Footage

    Learn the different methods of adding 3D text using the Motion Tracker in Cinema 4D. You will learn how to add text to a patch of grass in the park (3D manual tracking), Manhattan rooftops (3D track full solve), motorcycle street scene (nodal pan track) and the brick wall (2D planar track).

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    Live-Action Object Fly Through

    Follow along with indie-film director and VFX artist Eric Demeusy as he flies a camera through the rotting torso of a zombie using PF Track, Cinema 4D, and After Effects.

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    Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite In Production: Swordfish

    Production company Swordfish demonstrate the use of CINEMA 4D Lite and Cineware with Adobe Creative Cloud to create a set extension, digital matte and motion graphics element. This series uses footage from the Danny Way documentary Waiting for Lightning courtesy Bandito Brothers.


Want to take an in-depth look at some of Cinema 4D’s visual effects tools? Look no further.

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    Motion Tracking & Object Tracking inside Cinema 4D

    A complete guided introduction to the discipline of “Matchmoving” (Camera Tracking and Object tracking), from start to finish.

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    Cloth Simulation

    Learn the ins and outs of Cinema 4D’s cloth simulation system with Technical Director Donovan Keith as he creates a number of mini-projects with VFX uses.

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    Introduction to Projection Man

    The combination of CINEMA 4D’s Projection Man along with Adobe Photoshop give you all the tools you need to create film-quality matte paintings. This playlist will give you an introduction to the Projection Man and walk you through the process of creating a moving shot of an ancient castle.


While you won’t be able to follow these videos step-by-step, watching top-artists break-down their work can prove truly inspiring.

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    Particle Effects and Fluid Simulation - Siggraph 2015 Rewind

    Discover how Cinema 4D integrates with X-Particles, Turbulence FD and Octane to offer a powerful simulation and rendering pipeline. Casey Hupke and Brandon Parvini demonstrate liquid and fluid effects using X-Particles and Turbulence FD in live presentations from Siggraph 2015. You’ll also gain insight into nodal texturing and GPU rendering with Octane, and Sketch and Toon techniques and render optimizations.

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    Cinema 4D R17 in Real-World Production - Siggraph 2015 Rewind

    Watch presentations recorded live from the MAXON CINEMA 4D booth at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

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    Siggraph 2014 Rewind

    Watch presentations recorded live from the MAXON CINEMA 4D booth at SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver, Canada

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    NAB 2014 Rewind

    Watch presentations recorded live from the MAXON CINEMA 4D booth at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, NV

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    Siggraph 2013 Rewind

    Presentations recorded live from the MAXON booth at Siggraph 2013 in Anaheim, California - July 23-25, 2013